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A high pivot bike with an idler offers minimal pedalkickback and a

A high pivot bike with an idler offers minimal pedalkickback and a


A high pivot bike with an idler offers minimal pedal-kickback and a significantly rearward axle path

Forbidden Bike Company. High single pivot suspension designs have long been used in the ...

Images for SUPREME DH 29 with Amaury Pierron. THE RESURGENCE. OF HIGH PIVOT

A high pivot point increases the anti-squat coming from the driving force, while

The Aurum HSP is a beauty in the flesh. Testing is underway.

The Scott Gambler's high main pivot results in very high levels of anti-squat…

Forbidden Bike Company

GT Fury 2019

The Orange 5 is a classic example of the simple single-pivot

Forbidden Bike Company

A linkage driven single pivot with the rear pivot located on the seatstay

Trek's ABP system works like a linkage-driven single pivot, except the brakes sit

You can see how as the bike's suspension compresses the instant centre moves (in this

... 9000 takes a more traditional 'looks like a Session' four-bar linkage and adds an idler pulley to tune the anti-squat and pedal kickback. The four-bar ...

Giant's Reign (pre-2018) used a relatively short 57mm stroke shock to deliver


The new school?

Deviate Guide | 160/160 mm (f/r) | 15.16 kg | € 5,699

Quiring-29er-plus-titanium-mountain-bike05.jpg (800×

A Horst-link design is marked out by a chainstay pivot — the rear

Although progressive towards the end-stroke, I didn't like how the Nukeproof

Roughly parallel links result in an instant centre which sits very far forward. This means

The YT Capra is a good example of a traditional main pivot location, siting slightly below the chainring.

... but this design is not as mental as the other ones.

Advanced suspension setup explained

Deviate Cycles

New Commencal Meta HT AM

Can anyone explain to me the unusual chain path on the new Commencals?

2Stage / 2008 - This one isn't quite a pure high pivot bike, but it's too good to not include. The Kiwi's have a lot of explaining to do - so many weird ...

Aurum HSP Suspension Design - norcobicycles - Mountain Biking Videos - Vital MTB

... Certainly a lot going on around the ENR's drivetrain. The idler is actually mounted to ...

Hunt Bikes' adventure craving steel 29+ Bikepacking/Singletrack frameset - Bikerumor

Deviate Cycles. Gearbox Drive A ...

In summary, the Tension Link design has many advantages:


Tidy welds and a stealthy matte anodised finish—cable entry ports are on the small ...

The idler is actually mounted to; The vertically placed lower link allows the swingarm to move rearwards throughout the travel.

Tension Link suspension bike. The ...

2019 GT Fury Carbon Team 29 Bike - Reviews, Comparisons, Specs - Mountain Bikes - Vital MTB

Brandon Semenuk Session Park

It's; While the ENR is relatively affordable for such a unique machine, the component ...

The Canfield Jedi also uses an idler ...

The Aurum also designed to only run a coil rear shock, too, which is designed to add mid-stroke support and small-bump grip. Luckily, Norco will sell each ...


Twin-link bikes use a pair of short links to connect the rear triangle to

It's also designed the bike around a seven-speed DH-specific drivetrain, as well as external cable routing and a unique locking mechanism for the main pivot ...

As with all other Norco duallies, front and rear centre measurements are unique to each frame size, while the carbon layup for each size is also tuned to ...


commencalv4worldcup. C70_commencalv4worldcup C70_commencalv4worldcup2

Introducing the Commencal Supreme SX

Polygon Enter the eMTB Market With The Entiat

Lahar were another NZ brand making gearbox dh bikes before Zerode

The rear linkage is extremely sensitive, thanks to its high pivot point. The noise generated by the jockey wheels, however, can't be ignored.

by Andreas Maschke. True to the ...

Norco Aurum HSP

Our first prototypes with a high pivot point (HPP) were developed on an enduro platform with 160mm of travel. There are numerous advantages to such a system ...

Many people think the CC is the virtual pivot, and there are even some brands that contribute to that confusion.... Like the usual G brand.

The build is as follows: Frame: Large

The Specialized Purgatory is a really good all-rounder and we use it a lot on test bikes.

Norco Aurum HSP

Norco Aurum HSP

Norco Aurum HSP

Norco Aurum HSP

Post your all mountain bike | Page 194 | Rotorburn - Australia's Largest Mountain Bike Community

Pivot Mach 4 Convict 17

Hidden pivot hardware, very on-trend.

The seat tube could be a bit shorter, particularly since the Guide is only available in sizes Medium and Large.

115mm of travel, optimised for your pleasure. The bike comes with a neat sag guide to get the suspension setup nailed.

Pivot Mach 4 6 The ...

Frame geometry wise, the Stereo doesn't stray too far from what we are used to from similar bikes from major players like the Giant Trance, GT Force, ...

Our Thoughts: “With the ...

For a 120mm bike, the FOX 32 is up to the task. It did a worthy job of matching the rear end's performance.

Norco Aurum HSP

Cleaner than bleach. The ...

Additional information about the prototype bike I built can be found here- http://www.instructables.com/id/How-I-built-a-suspension-mountain-bike/

Helmet Troy Lee A2 | Glasses 100% Speedcraft | Shirt Fox Captive Tech Tee | Shorts Fox Attack Short | Shoes Five Ten Kestrel. On the ...

2017 Honda CBR600RR Review of Specs / Changes - CBR Sport Bike / SuperSport Motorcycle HP

Dream Build: Anthony Smith's Transition Patrol Carbon - Down the DH rabbit hole

Single ring drivetrains, like SRAM's XX1 allow for this suspension system to be used on more bikes than just downhillers.

The future of mountain biking.


Norco Aurum HSP

Pivot Mach 4 Convict 10

How many antisquats does this design have?

And for comparison here are the diagrams for the Mongoose Freedrive bike (note that this diagram was not done by myself so I cannot 100% verify its accuracy ...

As it is, the bike feels like a downhill bike with the front end of a trail bike.

Additional information about the prototype bike I built can be found here- http://www.instructables.com/id/How-I-built-a-suspension-mountain-bike/

The Cane Creek Helm, unfortunately, couldn't match the superb performance of the rear linkage, the middle of its travel offers too little support on steep, ...

Is that leverage ratio curve for the Sunday accurate? That is a strange curve.