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Fakemon: Gleafard (Grass), Lizaero (Grass) and Reptiling (Grass/Flying).

@Soshaoles of Heliolisk flowering plant mammal plant leaf vertebrate tree flora fictional character flower cartoon

@Soshides of Helioksk Platypus Marine mammal mammal vertebrate horse like mammal cartoon fish marine mammal

Fakemon: Lintle (Bug), Silkinder (Bug) and Paramoth (Bug)

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OMONAUT Spiral Pokemon Rock Water 5'10" 97 lbs Evolves From Omastar: *

Fakemon Starters by RickRichards Pokemon Fake, Pokemon Moon, Pokemon Fusion, New Pokemon,

Monthly Prompt 003: New Fakemon: Sky Raptors by AdamFegarido ...

Ice Cream Fakemon by NastyJungle

Since the game's release, a number of threads have popped up on Steam's discussion board with titles along the lines of “Hey, that's a Pokemon.


0 6 @soshaulsef Heliolisk plant flowering plant tree leaf woody plant cartoon flora

All the fossil Fakemon

Create your own fakemon based on this animal and make it's evolutionary line ( optional ), stats, behavior, moves, and special abilities.

Check out all of Josh Wong's Fakemon here!

Fakemon Comp by SirCaterpie ...

"Fakemon I Designed, Based on a Berry & Musical Notes" - Pokemonger

Outregis Fakemon: Antlerice by DrPhantom24.deviantart.com on @deviantART Pokemon Fusion,

Top 10 Fan Made/Fakemon Pokemon

Fakemon: Dishee (Ghost) and Ghoulaware (Ghost).

@soshaodesofHeliolisk cartoon mammal vertebrate fictional character art

Here's another Fakemon starter.... Fire this time

Pokemon Enic region pokedex (FAKEMON)


Fakemon You'll Wish Were Real

Fakemon: Skullorm (Bug/Psychic), Puspoul (Bug/Psychic) and

[Not Mine] In love with this fakemon design!



Fakemon Starters #1-9 by Blazbaros ...

4comments Slide 10 of 10Furpin the_porcupine_fakemon_by_neliorra-d4aijk0

"Fakemon Evolution for Dunsparce (plus, new pokemon type combinations)" - Pokemonger

@soshadles of Hefiolisk Pokkén Tournament Pikachu mammal vertebrate cartoon fauna rabbit tail rabits and hares

Sick Fakemon by Ironwolf09

Fakemon Starters

Your Favorite Fakemon - Fakemon Grass

Slide 9 of 10Manjuka the_mantis_fakemon_by_neliorra-d487tgy

Fakemon but super cool concepts Pokemon Fake, Cool Pokemon, Pokemon Fusion, New Pokemon

Fakemon images Multiple :L wallpaper and background photos



Bunnido | Pokemon/Fakemon 3D Blender Timelapse

Fakemon: Tweetkeet, Thunckatiel and Thunckatoo by Gkenzo ...

Fakemon: Olmagon (Dragon), Stalagon (Dragon/Rock) and Cawellagon (

~Iceberg? Icebug!~ . 얼엇충/Frorva (Frost + Larva)

Fakemon - Tookan + Cantookin by DU7CH13 ...

Eowenah (eo[h]+new(backwards)+ah)

Fakemon Chronicles #1 The Starters

My paw patrol ocs and fakemon


Fakemon: Bazilisk (Grass), Ornitherb (Grass) and Dilophlora (Grass)

@Soshades ofHelioh水 mammal vertebrate fictional character cartoon horse like mammal mythical creature organism

Rock fakemon by Marix20 ...


Chibi Fakemon Poster

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Fakemon images Dividun.:L photo

Delibird Fakemon Evolution (Send help, I'm addicted to split evolutions)

Pokemon Otokonoh Region pokedex Fakemon

Check out all of Josh Wong's Fakemon here!

Caterpie Evolution Best Caterpie Evolution Miascala Form Fakemon By Garyjofs On Deviantart

Mandravy magic fakemon by random1500-d6uvpvw.jpg

Fakemon: Pottle (Ground/Grass), Trikotta (Ground/Grass) and

As long as we're still showing off cool Fakemon.

Fakemon - Horcon by DevilDman ...

Are there any that particularly stand out to you? Do you maybe have any name suggestions? I wanna hear what you all have to say. Leave a comment with your ...

Slide 7 of 10Tarantulash tarantula_fakemon_by_trspicy-d79lvfx

Gen 7 Fakemon and Unconfirmed Leaks - Pokémon Sun & Moon Forum - Neoseeker Forums

Fakemon Phinair No - Sea Monster Fakemon

Bulbapedia Hydreigon 1778 Best Nate S Pokemon Fakemon Images On Pinterest Bulbapedia Hydreigon

Grass Starters on Fakemon-Starters - DeviantArt

These psychic/rock fakemon look out of this world.

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quetzalcoatlus fakemon

darthmod for empire

Fakemon- Grass Starters by TheZombieHunter ...

Bulbapedia Hydreigon 1778 Best Nate S Pokemon Fakemon Images On Pinterest Bulbapedia Hydreigon


Pokemon Bug Type New Bug Type Pokemon New Bug Type Darkandwin Fakemon Wiki Scellc

Dark and Dark/Dragon type fakemon

@Soshadles ofHefoisk ARK: Survival Evolved Pikachu mammal vertebrate cartoon horse like mammal aqua clip

Ghost fakemon

Early route 3-stage Bird Pokemon, this one is based on the Quetzal. I haven't decided on the names just yet.

Fakemon Crownaster By Psychonyxdorotheos - Sea Star Fakemon

OC ArtQwilfish ...

... height=510]http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs7…by_random1500-d6m3ch7.jpg[/img]


Cute Monsters Battle Arena was released for PC on steam on the 26th of August, 2017 by Play Spirit Limited. The game sells itself as a “Massively addictive ...

lost wandering spirits more info + shiny : http://fav.me/d84wgfn #fakemon pic.twitter.com/EQc56VUsNx

Pokemon Fakemon Dragon

2012-Samurai Dragon Fakemon

Sick Fakemon by Ironwolf09

Fakemon: Kashing (Ground/Steel), Dollure (Ground/Steel) and Golgon (Steel/Dragon).