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Fem Dazai t

Fem Dazai t


Fem! Dazai Bongou Stray Dogs, Dazai Osamu, Volleyball Anime, Anime Style,


Female Dazai

Chuuya is still shorter than female!Dazai. XD

Dazai Osamu girl version

Dazai female - princess of disaster Dazai Osamu, Gender Bender, Bungo Stray Dogs,

Female Dazai Osamu is so beautiful and smart and our gentlemen can't handle it

Fem! Dazai ref sheet

Dazai Osamu female

Дадзай-тян Bongou Stray Dogs, Anime Crossover, Dazai Osamu, Gender Bender,

Dazai Osamu and female! Chuya Nakahara


Mafia Dazai and fem!Atsushi

Dazai N O (don't question why this is in my beautiful shet pin I just like the artwork-)

Subject 34 [Dazai x Fem!Reader]

Female Highschool AU Soukoku & Shin-Soukoku


Fem! Dazai Dazai Osamu, Bungo Stray Dogs, Mafia, Anime Girls, Rpg

Synchronous ↠ Dazai Osamu

KunikiDazai Week 2017 Day 5 (July 13)

Reiji's Bitch • Some megane fem Dazai with a little of my.

[BSD] Osamu Dazai x Reader Part 1 by Sekata on DeviantArt

[Fem Osamu Dazai]

Bungo Stray Dogs X Reader oneshots

Dazai Osamu x Female!Reader

Bungou Stray Dogs x Reader oneshots(mainly Dazai)

A few more SacAnime selfies coming thru!! This time with my fave @ryuhoshino

Reiji's Bitch • Some megane fem Dazai with a little of my.

ReinaNeil 12 0 Fem!Dazai Osamu by ReinaNeil

More Fem Dazai coming your wayyyyy ~ t b h tho i was really feeling myself at Sac

silent// dazai osamu

Reiji's Bitch • Some megane fem Dazai with a little of my.

May not be good art but I would like to believe it's a decent piece for my skill level. Lately I've really been on the female Atsushi train. I can't seem to ...

Inktober Day 7: I dont know what to call this is but i love all

The app won't let me dump my art so I'm gonna post them one by one. (Fem!Deku x Ochaco)

Fanart Commission: Dazai x (fem)Dazai For Torii Kotori from facebook 😊 #

"It's time to go home with us 😏" Me as left Mafia Dazai @

such a cute boy

Dazai Osamu x Reader one-shot collection

[BSD] 7 Minutes in Heaven - Dazai Osamu by Sekata on DeviantArt

Uh im new here and idk what to post to take this awkward Fem!Dazai costest | Bungou Stray Dogs Amino

Dazai Osamu Oneshots

🔮Kunikida's Ideal Bloodbank⚰ ( @ao_mikazuki )

Bungou Stray Dogs One Shots [Requests Open] - Dazai Osamu x Fem!Reader: Thoughts (Lemon) - Wattpad

"A Movie With Dazai" Dazoan Fanfic (ft Cuchallain)

More Than Gifted (Dazai Osamu x Reader)

Dazai x Reader] by TheNobodyofaSOLDIER on DeviantArt

photo_library fem dazai does unimaginable things to my little gay heart .

aaah i hope this is alright? :D kind of pictured them like this as i read it!

Female Dazai [Dark Era] shitty WIP by ssugaart

Headcanons + Scenarios | Bsd & Bnha

Thank you so much that means alot to me! (*^_^*) I'm gonna assume the bff is female & the reader ok? Dazai Osamu

To Live and Let Die [Dazai ...

[BSD] Dazai x Reader x Ranpo by Sekata on DeviantArt

|Fanart| Dazai

... we don't get to see what happens next, but we learn shortly after the OP that our suicidal hero has gone missing. No one at the Agency seems to have ...

I tried to draw FEM!Dazai, but due to my crooked hands.. I drew something terrible. As usual. I think to comment here, nothing more.

[Cosplay] Chuya Nakahara x Dazai Osamu 13 by Didi-hime ...

AAAAAHHHHH I had such a fun time at SacAnime despite only being able to go for

"Whoa! That's for sure a beautiful lady to commit suicide with 😍" @

[Cosplay] Chuya Nakahara x Dazai Osamu 29 by Didi-hime ...


Art by: www.senren.tumblr.com

Fem!Dazai. Hasil dari diduga lelah dengan tugas dan ke-imba-an

Nya?😺 ▫ ▫ ▫ [Credit to the artist] ...

Bungou stray nekos *** • •• • ignore tags #tags :

Forest spirit au thing that isn't cropped super well! Check it out on

[Fem Osamu Dazai] followed

A fem!dazai painting for art trade with @asiandango !! Sorry I finished

Female dazai ❤ #drawings #art #fanart #anime #bsd #dazai #

Dazai Osamu ♔ ( @suicide.and.bandages )

Kunikida and Fem!Dazai by Alison-Earth-Ninja

Fem!Dazai!!! :D Suuuuuper sloppy but hey.. Anyways I

Fem chuuya 👏👏👏 • • • Credits: Twitter goaehfd • • • Tags

Bungou stray nekos *** • •• • ignore tags #tags : #

Se ven muy lindos juntos sionoo 💙❤ . . . ◇Créditos: @HiChuya


So, saturday I was at this con and I decided to bring fem

Dazai female form ...its like! (Bungou stray dogs :) 🌸

When you have a little too much to drink at the ADA/Port Mafia party

Fem!Osamu in mafia!AU I love heeeer She so smexy x³ @anime_sketching_world

Dazai x Fem!Chuuya Rp with: @suicidal.mafioso #dazaixchuuya #femchuuya #mafiadazai #mafiabossdazai #soukoku #bungostraydogs #roleplay Chuuya didn't know ...

„Don't pity yourself, If you wallow in self-pity Life will

Neko Dazai!💙 #dazaiosamu #nekodazai #bungoustraydogs #hot he's cute and hot

{Admin note: I'm on a mission to find

im gay but also worried at the same time whats happening also what could

What the story's final boss wants with Dazai, I don't know yet, but all I can say is thank god. Due to this rather timely subtraction, the episode is able ...

Osaki-chan so cute! ^^ . . . . . #atsushinakajima #

"Anything I would never want to lose will be lost." - Dazai Osamu

I will finish it~ Dazai and aku