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I ended up having an art trade with Turned out to be really cool

I ended up having an art trade with Turned out to be really cool


The following images are of my Devil-Man lure. He turned out real cool. Carved cedar, hand cut tin propellers. He really throws up a lot of water.

villyre: “ art trade with dreamwips! She wanted kid Adrienette, but I ended up having so much fun with it, it turned into headcanon time. It's not as good ...

A creepy (turned out cute lol) fairy done testing out some pens on my

My half of an art trade with @jodie.yu_ ! Drawing your oc Rhea

The following images are of my Devil-Man lure. He turned out real cool. Carved cedar, hand cut tin propellers. He really throws up a lot of water.

A college buddy you haven't heard from in years gives you a call to see if you want to do lunch. Heck yeah you would! Awesome that he thought to reach out ...

Illustrations by Zohar Lazar


Banksy melds street-fighting passion and pacifist ardor in his image of a protester whose Molotov cocktail morphs into a bouquet. (Pixelbully / Alamy)

Will it Sell?

My side of the art trade with @zorua_draws! As you can see I used

Nationaal Archief, CC BY 4.0, Wikimedia Commons

This 1891 Canadian cartoon suggests a policy of tariff retaliation against the U.S. aiding Canadian agriculture and industry. The Industrial League for Free ...

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston is offering a $5 million reward for the return of 13 pieces of art stolen in 1990, including Landscape wtih an ...

100 Greatest Props in Movie History

The fight between free traders and protectionists has been going on for a long time. Montreal Weekly Witness

The Death of the Artist—and the Birth of the Creative Entrepreneur - The Atlantic

Touch the sky~ an art trade with someone on dA that I ended up painting

While skewering the art world's pretensions, Banksy has maintained an activist's belief in the power of images to effect change.

Getty Museum Open Content Image

The context of Gabriel's interview is really, really important

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Longing and whimsy, innocence and experience, irreverence and wit, as well as a penchant for the purely zany, coexist in Banksy's work.


In an unfamiliar moment, China's pursuit of a larger role in the world coincides with America's pursuit of a smaller one.

Photo: Yosuke Muroya

CREDIT: Zohar Lazar

The Curse of the Bahia Emerald, a Giant Green Rock That Wreaks Havoc and Ruins Lives | WIRED

America's forgotten migration – the journeys of a million African-Americans from the tobacco South to the cotton South

Take out loan graphic

The Boston Celtics' 2004 trade with the Brooklyn Nets ended up including the first pick in the NBA draft this year. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

Museums are keeping a ton of the world's most famous art locked away in storage

Fashion brands steal design ideas all the time. And it's completely legal.

How to stop the deadliest drug overdose crisis in American history


Luther's reformationThe stand

In search of lost timeWhy is everyone so busy?

Hellboy, by Mike Mignola.

Don Rickles and the art of the insult. By Zoë Heller

A World Without Work

How useful is Karl Marx—who died a hundred and thirty-three years ago—for understanding our world?

How 'Smallville's' Allison Mack Went From Actress to Sex Cult Slaver | Hollywood Reporter

After that we got on track with a few dozen poses and ended up with something that really wasn't too far off from my original idea.

This cartoon from Harper's Weekly depicts how opiates were used in the 19th century to help babies cope with teething. (Harpers Weekly)

I ended up having an art trade with . Turned out to be really cool,

We Really Need to Talk About That Get Out Ending

Ming China in 1415 during the reign of the Yongle Emperor

Powhatan village of Secoton

David Choe's fellow artists DVS'1 and Joseph To

The result is a chickenhawk nation in which careless spending and strategic folly combine to lure America into endless wars it can't win.

Illustration by Alex Nabaum

From the Apocalypse in a Biblia Pauperum illuminated at Erfurt around the time of the Great Famine. Death sits astride a lion whose long tail ends in a ball ...

Christopher Columbus. “

About six months after my son was born, he and I were sitting on a blanket at the park with a close friend and her daughter. It was a sunny summer weekend, ...

The British View the War of 1812 Quite Differently Than Americans Do | History | Smithsonian

Print edition | International

Trump aluminum steel tariffs sot_00000000

A new movie sets its doomed entrepreneurs amidst 17th-century “tulipmania”—but historians of the phenomenon have their own bubble to burst



FT montage

1 My Grandfather Thought He Solved a Cosmic Mystery

Scholars at an Abbasid library, from the Maqamat of al-Hariri by Yahya ibn Mahmud al-Wasiti, Baghdad, 1237 AD

The tendency of the system to increase inequality was certainly true in Marx's own century. By 1900, the richest one per cent of the population in Britain ...

The First Great Movie of the Trump Era

national affairs secrets of the bailout taibbi. Illustration by Victor Juhasz


'Trade wars are good'? 3 past conflicts tell a very different story

The 50 Best Documentaries on Netflix (Summer 2018)


Joseph Mallord William Turner 'View in the Avon Gorge' 1791

“For the last time—I can't Rapture you out to the Hamptons.”

... producing a total of 26.2 win shares — but the Magic have not made the playoffs since this trade, and have started the rebuilding process over again.

Chicken reigns in the 21st century.

trade ancient greek

“Whenever I have a big decision to make, I ask myself, 'What would Dad do?' ”

Improving the lives of those with dementia – by using memories of baseball

bullshit detected

Great Depression in the United States