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KarKat Vantas39s OC Lyra requested by KarKat Vantas sorry I

KarKat Vantas39s OC Lyra requested by KarKat Vantas sorry I


Karkat Vantas/#1767223 - Zerochan// bro that aint karkat thats kankri he is in red and has white eyes and karkawt wheres grey and has normal troll eyes

You can tell Karkat is holding her, look at the cuffs of the shirt. }:D

Karkat grown up (Aw look at him get happier!)

Homestuck - Dave Strider x Karkat Vantas - DaveKat

karkat vantas | Karkat Vantas Showdown Every night

homestuck karkatvantas davekat on Instagram

Image result for karkat vantas fanart

Find this Pin and more on homestuck by Lyra Violet.

homestuck Dave Strider Dave Karkat karkat vantas cicada block .

I ship JohnKat more than DaveKat but, THIS. IS. TOO CUTE.<

Accidentally stumbled upon some hardcore GamKat. Thought I'd pin it.

karkat battle | Jade Harley karkat vantas battlesuit msphamletmachine • yup I definitely ship these two ashen

Dave and Karkat (and the Mayor)

Homestuck, genderbent, Kanaya, bloodswap, Karkat

Homestuck - Gamzee Makara x Karkat Vantas

Homestuck- Karkat Vantas and Terezi Pyrope

One-Shots (Homestuck x reader) - Mituna x Reader - Wattpad

Homestuck Dancestors Mituna Captor Kankri Vantas This relationship between them is like me and one of my best internet friends... Too much like it.

Image result for kurcro

Kankri Vantas

Aranea and Meenah bloodswap==>this looks uncomfortable

homestuck, feralstuck, karkat, davestrider, davekat - iFunny :)

kankri x damara

Karkat grub c: Homestuck Grubs, Homestuck Trolls, Davekat, Funny Pics, Funny

High SchoolStuck Karkat by MixCRABapples on DeviantArt

Karkat and gamzee humanstuck

KarKat Vantas's OC Lyra, requested by KarKat Vantas// sorry I couldn't

Image result for kankri x rufioh

Homestuck - Sollux Captor x Karkat Vantas - SolKat


Homestuck fanart can be a good source of outfit ideas.

Karkat Vantas, Dave Strider, and John Egbert <== "I'm here to represent the Mayor, and DEMOCRACY"

homestuck grubs karkat - Google Search

roachpatrol: “maroon bloodswap kanaya ” | Homestuck | Pinterest | Homestuck and Fandoms

Carlos Maraca (Kurloz Makara) --- whet you see \that\ and you think "hmm, did hussie actually do that?"

Homestuck - Sollux Captor x Karkat Vantas - SolKat

It is always time for more Mindfang/Redglare (or Vriska/Terezi) art :).

freckledoctopus: “Davekat comic doodle I did in class ”

John Egbert Mermaid

Homestuck Mituna

Human gamzee! *-*

araneapeixes: oh yea drew a fuschia blooded damara earlier idk Homestuck Karkat, Homestuck Cosplay

Virgo (Homestuck: Generation Swap)

Can we just appreciate ponytail!Gamzee for a minute? #Homestuck

Image result for stelsa hiveswap

Grubs are the cutest

Erigrub and Solgrub grub gore

Image result for Indigo blood Handmaid homestuck Homestuck, Steven Universe, Blood, Amazing Art

Homestuck - Eridan Ampora x Sollux Captor - EriSol

sorry for all the tribalstuck but I just LOVE this AU!

Homestuck - Gamzee Makara x Karkat Vantas - GamKar

Картинки по запросу kurloz makara

Lyra, Gengar, Drifblim, and Morty Pokemon Comics, Entrenador Pokemon, Pokemon Craft

cute homestuck - Google Search

4 Chords human trolls

homestuck snowman x spade slick - Google Search

I like how Kurloz is trying to act like a gentleman clown and GHB and Gamzee are just derpin

Cronus and little Eridan.


Small grub picture with Psiioniic Mituna and Sollux

Dave Strider in Ikimaru's superhero AU (or is it Davesprite??? will we ever know???¿)

Grub Karkat

The Grand Highblood and the Signless; By tumblr user q-dormir.... EEEEEEEEEEEEEE SO CUTE !

Homestuck - Vriska Serket x Kanaya Maryam - VrisKan | Vriska .

prospits this got… out of hand…the beta kids are released from the juju after like an eternity in there and dave finds karkat alive and i actually shed ...


Silver X Reader: Take my hand [REQUEST!] by FlameBladeGirl5362 on DeviantArt

homestuck My art pastel goth kurloz makara ask requests working with pastels is a good time his sweater says fuck off in a nice pink purple and blue ...

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Homestuck has three pages

Homestuck - Dave Strider x Karkat Vantas - DaveKat

homestuck grubs tuna and sollux - Google Search

Beta kids as trolls. Dont Hug Me, Kid Styles, Troll, Nerd,

terezi as goddess of justice (themis)


SoulSilverShipping by ChiakiSoul.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Art by foryou-all on Tumblr - - #hiveswap#chixieroixmr#zebruhcodakk Homestuck

Homestuck Eridan Ampora SHWVGFREYUL3T679432O7T435T$%&*(%$#WGUYTR24DFUYTF43Drtdy$WE

I love that Dualscar is just like "let's do this shit" < < Repinning bc goddamn that's hilarious

Lyra with Feraligatr, Meganium, and Typhlosion

Red and Lyra from Pokemon Adventures


Karkat's Route: Part 5 'Moirails and Flush Crush' ------ It had been a while since (Y/n) and Karkat began being friends again.Reader: Part 5 'Moirails and ...

Resultado de imagen para pokegirls trainers

Image result for mindfang and dolorosa


Resultado de imagen para sollux captor

Cape ---> Wings? Cosplay Ideas, Cosplay Characters, Homestuck, Drawing

Terezi Pyrope

Red and Lyra #SoulfulHeartshipping

Good bye. Pokemon charatcters Lillie and Hau in love. Athershipping

I can't read Mituna sadstuck of any kind... T-T

Jackie - Rise of the Guardians OC by Eemari

She's just having a bad day by GlancoJusticar.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Fantroll Syntax Proxam! A Jade Blood psionic and the Heir of Space. :)

So much I happening

Saffron Masala by Ilona-the-Sinister.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Homestuck - Dave and Karkat

cronus ampora - Google Search