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PHOTO 2 APS Underwater Rifle Guns t Underwater

PHOTO 2 APS Underwater Rifle Guns t Underwater


APS rifle, with butt collapsed; note crude non-adjustable iron sights and unusual

APS underwater rifle

APS Underwater Assault Rifle

QBS-06 underwater assault rifle

5.66mm APS Underwater Rifle at the Tula State Arms Museum

I was expecting these guns to have far less range than the powerful spear guns used by Tuna fisherman, but I was wrong. The range of large spear guns is ...


Call of Duty: Ghosts - Weapon Review - APS Underwater Rifle (Special Weapon) - YouTube

A Chinese TV station has broadcasted footage of Chinese PLA Navy drivers with their clone of Russia's APS Underwater Assault Rifle.

APS Underwater Rifle

Call of Duty Ghosts Weapons Guide | APS Underwater Rifle

Image courtesy xilu.com

COD Ghosts Guns: APS Underwater Assault Rifle - New Underwater Weapon! (Call of Duty Ghosts) - YouTube

ADS amphibious assault rifle on display in an aquarium at the 2013 Interpolitex International Homeland Security

Russian APS underwater rifle - exploded view

The original Russian APS Underwater Assault Rifle

Russian Marines were recently spotting during a training drill using an underwater pistol and APS underwater assault rifle. The APS underwater assault rifle ...

SPP-1M on display at Tula State Museum of Weapons, Tula, Russia. Photo by Vitaly V. Kuzmin via Wikimedia Commons

An APS Underwater Assault Rifle was used once as one of those exotic 15 minutes of fame kind of guns that makes a "guest" appearance in an episode.

Furuta_S7 APS Underwater 1/6 Assault Rifle Gun Model For 1:6 Scale 12"


The APS Underwater Assault Rifle - unusual and even a little weird but not exactly surreal. It fires a round with a standard type of case ...

New article: #Russia developing underwater killer robots to counter Special Forces combat swimmers. Armed with APS underwater rifle. ...

Aps underwater rifle cartridges vs standard

COD Ghosts_Underwater Ambush_A

Report RSS APS Underwater Assault Rifle 5.66 mm (Untextured) (view original)

Image is loading Furuta-Gun-Mania-1-6-SP-APS-Underwater-

APS underwater assault rifle and SPP-1 (Russia)

APS Underwater Assault Rifle

APS Underwater Rifle manual (Russian, 1983)

Early prototype of the ADS dual-medium / amphibious assault rifle configured for above-

Mark 1 Model 0 / Mk.1 Mod.0 Underwater Defense Gun pistol

Image is loading 1-6-APS-rifle-gun-BattleField-russian-underwater-

Filling in the niche of an underwater ...

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rifle 1

Tula design bureau underwater SPP pistol

APS Underwater Rifle: HK P11. ADS Amphibious Rifle:

SPP-1 (top), Chinese variant (bottom)


piture of ASM-DT

Yep, the Navy Had an Underwater Revolver ...

Underwater ambush COD Ghosts.jpg


SPP-1 underwater pistol (Russia)

5.66mm APS underwater assault rifle (top), new A-91 round (bottom)

At present, underwater firearms are only a niche filler and the number of guns manufactured around the world is so small that it will be unlikely any nation ...

Russia's New Underwater Assault Rifle Can Shoot 800 Shots Per Minute - Motherboard

Russia to Mass Produce the ADS Amphibious Rifle (41)

It's been said that the best protection against sharks is a good dive knife – you can always stab your buddy and let him deal with the shark while making a ...

... barrel pistol and a underwater assault rifle.

5 ...

Russia's New SECRET UNDERWATER/AMPHIBIOUS Rifle Programs (SSP-1, APS & the ADS Rifle)

... underwater assault rifle. In 2010, the Chinese revealed their own copy for the Russian APS (surprise, surprise!). The QBS-06 is almost identical to the ...

Russian Navy SF with APS underwater rifle [900x600]

(Airsoft) APS Urban Assault Rifle AEG - KhanSeb

APS Underwater Rifle - 5.6x39mm MPS. Logan holds an APS during "Into the Deep," though he doesn't seem to have gone that far into it all things considered.

At least three launchers were built and they were single-shot guns, loaded from the muzzle with launchjet rocket and fire using single action striker.

The SPP-1 preview in the item store on the main menu, which is actually a skin store, but it does allow us to preview the default skins.

Mk 1 Underwater Defense Gun (Everything WEAPONRY & MORE)💬⚔ 🏹📡🤺🌎😜✅

Russian combat diver with an APS underwater assault rifle.

Inspecting the APS.

1/6 Scale Russian APS Underwater Assault Rifle Model Frogmen Gun Model for 12 inches Action Figures Collection

Russian Naval Frogman with special purpose SPP-1 underwater pistol [OS].

APS Underwater Rifle _OLD [by HekuT]

Special Forces frogmen on a mission in the Barents Sea

Russian APS underwater rifle. Because the Russians aren't as cool as I am.

Blowing our minds with this video clip they just posted. Due to the complexity of the physics of moving water when shooting under water most firearms only ...

German Kampfschwimmers during underwater training operations [1577x1044] ...

Shooting guns underwater sounds simple. Go underwater and shoot a gun. Simple, right? Well if you want to gun to continue to cycle that is where the ...

Firing; while it is correct for the APS to eject spent casings, these seem of the "too large" and "unfired" variety. The ejected brass effect also does not ...

APS Underwater Rifle | Guns & Ammo | Pinterest | Guns, Weapons and Special forces

In history of the humankind one can find a lots of various types of small arms. Almost all of them were designed by humans for humans.

BF2: SF underwater content

This ...