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US Single Crochet t

US Single Crochet t


Lesson 4: How to Single Crochet

Add 1 chain at the beginning of a row of single crochet (US) / double crochet (UK)

Single Crochet Stitch (sc) - How to Single Crochet

Lesson 4: How to Single Crochet

Lesson 4: How to Single Crochet

How to Single Crochet Decrease with sc2tog

Lesson 4: How to Single Crochet

Lesson 4: How to Single Crochet

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Beginners learn to crochet: Half-treble crochet

Stylecraft blog tour Limited Edition colour bag the split double crochet stitch

Single Crochet Step 1

As for who's right? I have no idea. I have tried to get an answer, but no-one seems to know. As for me? I learnt to crochet from a library book that ...

knot•sew•cute design shop: american standard vs. british (uk) crochet terms.



How to Single Crochet in Rounds & Use Stitch Markers

Single Crochet Step 2

... page of la visch designsrhlavischcom archives single crochet us page of la visch designsrhlavischcom pin by ...

crochet stitch diagram foundation rhigreatmallcom susanus hippie free simple leaf pattern the rhsusanshippieblogspotcom susanus single crochet

How to Decrease in single crochet

Can't find instructions anywhere but on inspection it looks like randomly sized rings of double (US: single) crochet into which chain loops to 7 chains I ...

Crochet Rainbow Rag Rug - Look At What I Made This rug was crocheted out of 20 or so old t-shirts and dresses. Super simple sc pattern with a 10 mm hook.

Most patterns I have come across on the web, use US terms. UK pattern books are the only place I have seen UK terms used. Even UK designers on the web tend ...

Lesson 4: How to Single Crochet

Wool Couture Crochet Term Guide uk vs us crochet terms

Lesson 4: How to Single Crochet

Basic Crochet Stitches - UK & US Conversion Chart

Crochet in the Round Using Single Crochet - Stitch Guide

Make these cute crochet plant pot mats with upcycled fabric and a giant crochet hook in just 5 minutes using a magic loop and double (US single) crochet.

US/UK Crochet Terms

How to crochet a double crochet (dc) US / treble (tr) UK (Tutorial Video)

The other thing that can confuse matters is the hook sizes. Yes, again they are different and US has letters and numbers. I like to use Metric (mm) because ...

UK vs US crochet stitches .

single crochet uk

Pin Loom » Crochet border with single crochets (US) – 4 stitches per corner

Single Crochet Stitch

I created this coloured pinnable image for you - showing the crochet symbol, US Crochet Term, US Crochet Abbreviation and the recommended number of turning ...

Chain 5, crochet back with for example 2 double crochet (US: single crochet) and 4 treble (US: double crochet), ss in first stitch, don't change the wool

You now need to make one US single crochet (SC) / UK double crochet (DC) which will attach your loop to the scarf.

Crochet Abbreviations in US, UK, Danish and German. by Rosella Enif

With the popularity of free and paid patterns online, you may find patterns written in UK terms. A US single crochet is a UK double crochet.


how to single crochet for beginners

crochet baby blanket:STUPID EASY. Lets all make one now! - Follow us

This way to do seamless single crochet is way-better than my original single crochet tutorial, especially if you're doing color changes. Why?

Single Crochet Two Together crochet stitch method.

Crochet Chain Stitch

Notice the symbol for single crochet can be either a lowercase “T” or, of course, an “X.” 😉

How to Crochet: Standing Single Crochet

UK Raised Double Crochet Front (RdcF) / US Front Post Single Crochet (FPsc)

Ultimate Guide to Crochet Straight Edges - B.hooked Crochet | Knitting | Podcast

Crochet Bernat Blanket - one skein finished on a twin size bed

After getting the correct measurments, Jayda shows us how to work this super easy pattern. Start with a magic circle, and crochet 8 single crochets into the ...

For speakers of those other languages to use an American-terminology pattern, it's excellent ... assuming there aren't any errors in the rest of the chart, ...

The legs for the giraffe we crocht from bottom up in spiral rounds with only single crochet stitches (US!). Don't cut the thread of the second leg, ...

How to Crochet: Standing Single Crochet


Actually, so far, we've only used double crochets (US single crochet) and treble crochets (US double crochet) but we have such variation of colour and ...

Stylecraft blog tour stitch pattern for the tote bag

Single crochet (US)

Insert hook into crochet chain marked with stitch marker

I hope you all understand that its so hard to please everyone and I hate that I can't, but myself and my publisher really have tried SOOOOO hard to do the ...

Into the second chain from hook work 3 double crochet (US=Single crochet)

One finished foundation single crochet

You can use whichever you prefer, your location doesn't have to determine the language you use. I am based in the UK but favour US terms.

Aren't these little crochet pumpkins absolutely adorable? I've seen similar things in stores for $10-$15 each, and the way I go all out for fall decor, ...

A US single crochet is a UK double crochet. This makes a world of difference when working a pattern written with UK terms.

Insert your hook into the very first stitch (i.e. V) in the row. To create the single crochet ...

... free crochet charts available online come from Japan, so unless you know Japanese, you wouldn't be able to take advantage of the pattern description; ...

Simple Crochet Bikini Top - Free Crochet Pattern

Lesson 5: How to Double Crochet


We missed the big southern snow that came this week, but we did not miss the single digit temperatures that accompanied it.

Treble Crochet

Have you tried the single crochet (US) / double crochet (UK) yet? How did you go? Do you have any tips to share around crocheting this stitch or counting ...

Image titled Crochet a Baby Blanket Step 8

I'm not against inexpensive yarn but I find that poor quality acrylics don'

Quick Chevron Blanket Pattern

Double Crochet Stitch

Single Crochet Border


In actual fact, you need to be looking for small v's (this is the front of a single crochet and indicates one row of stitches) and small ^'s / upside down ...

1. Insert your hook into the stitch (i.e. under both loops of the V)