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Wonderful Okinawa Futenma Shrine httpsbitly2B5gjpU

Wonderful Okinawa Futenma Shrine httpsbitly2B5gjpU


"The Futenma Shrine and Cave"

Futenma Shrine


For once, in total Okinawa style the shrine is very neutral, with mostly exposed concrete, raw wood and of course traditional roof tiles.

Futenma Gongen: Visitors welcome at shrine and cave

Great beauty which has been brought from the past.The shrine built about 500 years ago is located near the US Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, ...

Futenma Shrine Ginowan Okinawa

Futenma Shrine is one of the most important shinto shrines in Okinawa. It's lovely teracotta

Keywords in japanese. Futenma Shrine ...

My beautiful Japanese friend Yuko Hendricks during hatsumode at Futenma Shrine, Ginowan, Okinawa,

Photos by Tetsuo Nakahara

... Futenma Shrine Cave | by chupacabra runner

The lave cave inside Futenma Shrine is only 50 meters long, which is much shorter as compared to the famous 900-metre Gyokusendo 玉泉洞, but we feel that it ...

The golden bun - okinawa travel guide - okinawa beach - okinawa klima - japan islands. above one of the most beautiful Shintō shrines – the Futenma shrine

Nenpou-ji Temple l Okinawa Hai!

The fascinating history and culture

Futenma Shrine Okinawa Okinawa Japan, Travelogue, Beautiful Islands, Holiday Travel, Buddha Buddhism

A cool place less than a mile from my house.

Entrance to Jingū-ji Temple, Okinawa

Kevin Lathrop Family Readiness Officer VMM-265 [email protected] calling from the USA office: 011-81-611-736-7666 cell: 011-81-802-703-9029

Rows of Ema at Futenma shrine, Okinawa

Futenma Shrine. Okinawa 12

Okinawan red-roof tile ...

Futenma Shrine Caves

Futenma Shrine ...

Our New-New Year Visit to the Futenma Shrine

Futen Magu

Naminoue Shrine - Naha, Okinawa / 波上宮 沖縄

Futenma shrine-cave in Futenma, Okinawa.

Futenma Shrine, Okinawa

The U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, seen in February, is located within the ...

Cave Cafe @ Okinawa, Japan Japan Honeymoon, Honeymoon Trip, Japan Trip, Okinawa

Okinawa to file fresh lawsuit next month against work to replace Futenma base

Okinawa - underground cave - thermally heated, miles long and amazing to see!!

Access to Futenma Shrine and Cave: Address: 1 Chome-27-10 Futenma, Ginowan-shi, Okinawa-ken 901-2202, Japan Mapcode: 33 438 614*17

The Futenma ...

an upside down picture of okinawa densely populated

The current Marine Corps Air Station Futenma in Okinawa is located next to a residential area

okinawa images | 1964-1965 Torii Stn and Ishikawa Beach photos from Dick Oelze

Maeda Point in Okinawa, Japan. Beautiful blue waters for snorkeling

Julian Ryall

UNESCO World Heritage Site #10: Gusuku Sites and Related Properties of the Kingdom of

Naha Okinawa

Shuri Castle, Naha, Okinawa Go To Japan, Visit Japan, Japan Japan,

The most popular Hatsumoude places on Okinawa are “Naminoue Shrine” in Naminoue, Naha, “Gokoku Shrine” in Onoyama, Naha, “Okino-gu Shrine” also in Onoyama, ...

Stairway Of Heaven Okinawa. Just 268 steps. Located just behind Camp Foster, off of 130. :) this guy pretty much read my mind... Great leg work out.

Izumi Sensei and I went to the Lemon Grass to celebrate and it was nice to have my friend there to celebrate the evening's events.


Okashi Goten

Japanese Lesson by Global Village Vol.158

High cliffs rise from the beautiful blue ocean.

Futenma Shrine Cave, Okinawa

Okinawa New Year a Time of Tradition, Food and Sunrises

People opposed to the relocation plan for U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Futenma in Ginowan,

Celebrate New Year's The Japanese Way Article

Futenma Shrine ✓ Naminoue Shrine Nenpou-Ji Temple Nagagusuku Castle Ruins ✓ Katsuren Castle Ruins ✓ Nakijin Castle Ruins ✓ Zakimi Castle Ruins

The Washington Post

Dugong activists appeal U.S. court ruling on Okinawa base transfer

A woman prays at the Yasukuni Shrine main hall, or Haiden, after passing through

Torii Station Okinawa

Senaga Island is tiny in relative size but lately has become one of the more popular tourist hot spots on Okinawa.

Beautiful church on the beach in Okinawa Japan.

Cherry Blossoms (Sakura) at Mt.Yaedake, Motobu, Okinawa

U.S. Marine official apologizes at school where chopper window fell; Okinawa governor bristles at plan

Full view

A totally free informative tour is offered viewing Okinawas natural salt through the large windows.What you can't miss at this factory is the beautiful ...

A view atop the peace tower of the western side of the island.

Okinawa assembly adopts resolution against U.S. chopper accident

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MV-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft are parked at U.S. Marine Corps Air Station ...

Waterfall in Okinawa Japan. This one is called Tataki falls. Okinawa Japan, Waterfall

The photo above shows on the left the look-out roofs of Byakko-ro, and to the far right the Great Outer Halls of Daigokuden - the rebuilt palace of the ...

Sunset is the best time to admire the view, and the park is justly regarded as one of the best sunset viewing points on Okinawa. The night view is also ...

Northeast Asia as seen from Okinawa

10 amazing things to do in Okinawa, Japan. The breathtaking island is so similar to Hawaii, yet has one tenth of the crowd. Okinawa really is an insider's ...

Futenma Marine Corps Air Station

... as are many of the most beautiful beaches in Okinawa. That might sounds like a lot of trouble, but I promise you'll be glad you make the effort!

Igei Beach also known as Blue Beach Kin Town Okinawa. Near Camp Hansen. info and directions in: Map It! Okinawa

Tengan Pier, Okinawa, Japan.I want to go see this place one day

Fukushuen Garden 福州園 - Naha City, Okinawa, Japan

A Marine Corps UH-1Y Venom flies toward Camp Schwab, Okinawa, Nov.

An art exhibition of Hokusai Katsushika's artwork is taking place at the Okinawa Prefectural Museum and Art Museum ...

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force ships in Okinawa. The force is in charge of


A US serviceman has been accused of assaulting a 13-year-old boy on

It's a beautiful park though. A river runs straight through the middle of it and you can see some pretty nice waterfalls. O is currently obsess with snails ...

Manza Beach Resort is virtually surrounded by a beautiful, emerald sea.


"The Nangusuku Castle Site Ruins in Nago City"

Beer and a harbor-side view – what a great combination!

The exact day when Okinawa's pink cherry blossoms burst out depends on weather, but the weekend of Jan. 20 marked the start for the events centering on the ...

Things to do in okinawa: Go shopping on naha's exotic shopping street