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Elza Forte I don't really like her but its not completely without her. Aikatsu

Ojisans and Obasans Can't Stop Loving Aikatsu!


Why is everyone crying? Are they sad because the anime is ending this month? It's not like there won't be another series immediately after the end of Stars.

In case you haven't checked the news: Photokatsu will be shutting down this July and the KaeYuri event that's happening right now will be the game's finale.

Aikatsu Stars! Star Premium Rare Coords!!! (Original edit don't repost as your own)

Aikatsu! 2

Three Main Heroines Perform Together in 5th Anniversary Song "Aikatsu Melody!" ⭐ Read: https://t.co/TSqz3j4lw0… https://t.co/OrdpBTM5Mv"

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In case you didn't know, I'm a shipper with class and sophistication, so I hope one day Friends! will pander to Mio x Maika, just like how they pandered to ...

User blog:Dorayaki/Rumors about the upcoming Aikatsu series | Aikatsu Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Starlight Academy is a school full with idols. They also fill with Aikatsu cards. Aikatsu means Idol Activities. Here is one example of an Aikatsu card.

Aikatsu Star — Yume X Subaru — I don't love you — Texting Story — Part 1 (Read Description)

Aikatsu Stars Blooming Queen Coord Chiffon Top

"From your personal Aikatsu Cards to your personal Idol Activities!"

Also, we didn't get to see Aria Futaba this time, I wonder when she will becomes really relevant.

Aikatsu Stars ! -Yume x Subaru =Cloud 9

Data Carddass Aikatsu! Official Binder 2016 Series.jpg

Ongoing-Our Love Story (aikatsu ff)

“But Elza, you know I can't even do 2 plus 2 if you aren't here to hold my fingers up!”

Aikatsu!: Nerawareta Mahou no Aikatsu Card

Bnr hoshinotsubasa 3rd

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The S4 results was so anti-climatic that I don't really want to talk much about it. Poor Haruka Ruka finally get a chance to be S4 now though after Yuzu ...

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[Completed] Secret Feelings-or Maybe Not (Aikatsu Stars! Subaru x Yume fanfic)

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Nana will combine the latest 3DCG and motion-capture technology, allowing her presenter to perform in real-time. Who her "actor" is, though, we don't yet ...

Watch Aikatsu Friends Episode 21 English Subbed Online - Aikatsu Friends! English Subbed

She does well enough to have Starlight Academy shooketh. Seria also performs a new special appeal too, which is something Aoi can't do yet.

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Hikaru Moroboshi

I can't believe Aikatsu has ended, It's been one of my biggest inspirations since 2012. It's so important to me weeh;; Thank You Aikatsu for being a huge ...

kiranemi: “ Couldn't find this picture in high quality on the aikatsu wikia for some reason, so scanned it myself from the artbook.. o; Probably not the ...

Watch Aikatsu Stars! Episode 100 English Subbed Online - Aikatsu Stars! English Subbed

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Did I mention the live is happening at the same place Ichigo first watched Mizuki. That's some symbolic stuff right there. Ichigo's new dress isn't ready ...

Aikatsu Stars! Movie - M4 Photoshoot

... Todo - Aikatsu Original Yuzu Nikaido - Aikatsu Stars Mirai Asuka - Aikatsu Friends the mother the daughter and the holy spirit… https://t .co/J9YpDQaNvq"

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Idols are for everyone to admire and your own needs and happiness doesn't matter.

Aikatsu! Manga & Manga Artist Activities! ch03 by Kanaki Shiori and Nao Kodaka — Release Post

I don't have a least favorite character from aikatsu stars but if I do it would be Elza (sorry Elza fans) just don't really like how she acts towards being ...

I think they haven't had a spoken line since that Halloween episode, more than three months ago? You'd think Juri would at least be among the ...

Aikatsu! Otoshiro Seira [T-based Edit] by NyanNyan30 ...

I haven't been active forever! Really sorry for that. But aikatsu stars came out and I loved it! S4 is so awesome! So I drew a fan art!

Episode Solo (Aikatsu Stars! Intro/Outro Theme Songs)

... followed up the original generation of Aikatsu! by giving fans some amazing music provided by its in-house idol group, AIKATSU☆STARS!. While we didn't ...

Aikatsu! director Ryuichi Kimura personally selected five episodes from the first Aikatsu! series for the screenings: 1, ...

I am still watching Aikatsu Friends/Prichan/Hugtto Precure but I am afraid I won't be writing any reviews due to me being lazy. I still like the direction ...

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If this doesn't happen in the future I will flip tables. I teared up when Akari talked about Ichigo! S4's performance is amazing, is it just me or has the ...

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... factors. With plenty more characters to introduce and mix together, including Love Me Tear themselves, ...

Creating the new card template for Aikatsu Stars is difficult, but is worth it! Also this coord is inspired from Go! Princess Precure's Cure Mermaid!

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Miki Mirai

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... doing Aikatsu, but they won't become friends before that?

Love don't Cry Coord

Last night I just started watching an idol anime, Aikatsu Stars! I tried Love Alive! before but didn't like it. Aikatsu Stars! is different to ...

ENGLISH COVER ≪Aikatsu Stars!≫ - MewKiyoko - Video Dailymotion

Aikatsu Stars~🌟 T or D

Aikatsu! (movie)-p1.jpg

... and this time our next translation is all about YuzuLily from Aikatsu Stars! You did watch the first spin-off, right? And don't worry, we didn't forget ...

Ah, Ichigo's a middle school student, not a high school student. That… doesn't really help me with the premise

Watch Aikatsu! Episode 140 English Subbed Online - Aikatsu! English Subbed

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aikatsu, aikatsu!, and toudou yurika image

Kanzaki Mizuki simple edits kanzakimizuki aikatsu t.

Aikatsu Stars!: Hoshi no Tsubasa

cute aikatsu pictures - Google Search

I've started to watch a new anime called aikatsu! I'm surprised I haven't watched it since it's really famous. My favorite character in it is Ichigo so I ...

The S4 results was so anti-climatic that I don't really want to talk much about it. Poor Haruka Ruka finally get a chance to be S4 now though after Yuzu ...

ako and kirara from Aikatsu Stars | I don't ship it

Don't worry though, because Powa Powa Puririn will be joining the super group…actually, only Sakura and Otome will join since Shion wants to focus on her ...

Aikatsu Stars Episode 83 AnimeSubHD

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Aikatsu! - Manga & Mangaka Atsudou!

otakujp on Twitter: "[Goods]Aikatsu! Photo on Stage visual collection(art book) #aikatsu https://t.co/MhSyezBj1r https://t.co/eGuL6ERSW2"

Aikatsu *PJ paint art T-shirt other 3 pieces set *

So, they are saying they have to play along as a duo doing Aikatsu, but they won't become friends before that?

Perhaps they're part of Miyatani's corrections as opposed to an animator's quirks, but personally, that wouldn't be my guess since she's never done that ...

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