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Isak even SKAM Film Stills t Pretty boys Fandoms

Isak even SKAM Film Stills t Pretty boys Fandoms


skam lockscreens | Tumblr Series Movies, Tv Series, Skam Aesthetic, Isak Valtersen,

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"--Harvey Fierstein Alt er Love- Skam (Isak and Even)

tarjei sandvik moe isak skam

how are you so beautiful - Henrik Holm

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isak × even | SKAM

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Isak- cute one

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isak × even | SKAM

Shy Isak Evak Skam Straight up — That moment when Magnus realizes who Even is.

Season 1 Isak is so smol I can't even!

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Even and Isak

Too many Fandoms Skam Tumblr, Film Books, Series Movies, Movie Film, Evo

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Isak & Even

SKAM - Isak & Even <3 Skam Wallpaper, Relationship Goals, Isak

I love them, and just because EVen has a mental illnes dosen't mean he can't love Isak, people with mental illneses can still love (Beauty People Boys)

skam even and isak henrik holm and tarjei sandvik moe

Made some wallpapers for Skam.And…I'm working on the Christmas fanart,don't be hurry.

Isak valtersen even bech skam sana eva chris william noora

Read from the story Isak y Even (Evak) by B-Haggerty (f l o o) with reads.

Isak, Jonas and Even from Skam.

word of advice-- don't watch SKAM when its finals week!

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Season 3, Episode 9

(English: Good luck, Isak) ...

Why The Whole Planet Is Obsessed With This Norwegian Teen Drama

Even Bech Naesheim (Henrik Holm) & Isak Valtersen (Tarjei Sandvik Moe) from “Skam” (Norwegian TV Series)

Season 3, Episode 2

Season 1, Episode 1


SKAM season 5 with Even Bech Næsheim as the main character

Season 3, Episode 8

Season 3, Episode 3

Why The Whole Planet Is Obsessed With This Norwegian Teen Drama

Boy Squad

Skam: how a cult teen drama has fans invading sets, stalking characters' Instagrams and learning Norwegian

Norwegian teen drama Skam is one of the best shows on TV... or, you know, the internet.

The Penetrators

Even Bech Næsheim

Season 2, Episode 7

Fanfic Friday: 5 Skam Fic Recs

Isak & Even (Evak) Part 1 - Série Skam


Skam, Shadowhunters, Top Couples

Even (Henrik Holm) and Isak (Tarjei Sandvik Moe) in Skam season 3 Credit: NRK/Press


... of Isak's boy squad together outside of Noora's apartment. If that isn't the sweetest creator-fandom moment I've heard about in a while, ...

IMG 1545


Don't say goodbye | Skam; Isak + Even


Season 1, Episode 7


Season 1, Episode 9

○Isak Valtersen | ❝Nei, Nei, Nei❞ [HUMOR]

Noora and William


Carol, the New York fan, sees the transmedia as essential to the unique experience of watching Skam: “They're not mandatory to the plot, but they offer a ...

Season 4, Episode 6

Kai Xu. Pic: Private. “

Season 4, Episode 10

i just found this picture on a skam group i'm on on facebook and THIS IS THE KIND OF FETISHIZATION I WAS TALKIGN ABOUT THE OTHER DAY… LIEK.





SKAM ER LOVE: Meet The Fans Who Shaped The Cult TV Series (part 1- the vidders)

Isak😍💕 #skam #skamdramaaa #isak #isakvaltersen #isakyaki #tarjeisandvikmoe #

Season 1, Episode 6

Moe is a young performer and Skam is his first major project. Like most young performers, he's still coming into his craft but has so much naturally raw ...

Malvina Johansson. Pic: Leio Kirtley

4YE Pride Month Ships: Skam's Isak and Even Took The World By Storm – 4 Your Excitement


Season 2, Episode 6

Letters To A Stranger [Isak+Even]✓ by Mar3sa_

On a more "serious" note, I don't particularly care about them (their relationship was cute and all) but I can't stand the fans at all.

How Skam's Isak and Even revolutionized teen TV

SKAM ER LOVE: Meet The Fans Who Shaped The Cult TV Series (part 2- the legacy of elli_skam, Billy Maier and Mette)

Pic: NRK. “

Screenshot of Marlon Langeland as Jonas and Lisa Teige as Eva in Skam on NRK.

Screenshot of "Evak" — Henrik Holm as Even and Tarjei Sandvik Moe as Isak

Skam: the format.

Screenshot of the Girl Squad in Skam, shown on NRK (Norwegian Public Broadcasting)

skam and isak image

ISAK+EVEN on Twitter: "the link to the article is not working for everyone yet https://t.co/ZCHgB3vldY"

Screenshot of Henrik Holm as Even and Tarjei Sandvik Moe as Isak in Skam on NRK

skam, isak, and evak image

Sana & Isak | We're buds.